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Thorapadi where I was born, is a nice village about 2 miles from vellore town. As the village dependent on rain water for irrigation, most of the people use to migrate for out side jobs many ending up in military services.
Early childhood days were exciting as i used to be the pampered kid of the joint family of grand father T.G.RajaGopal Mudaliar & Grandmother Jaghadhamal
The primary education was in the school just opposite to our house & so there too i was an important kid !

(1945  to 1950)

Parthasarathy Primary School is the place where even my father studied.
I used to be very bright and stood first in the class always. Remember having solved a problem even before my teacher could on the black board.
Used to be a great Organizer of sports events and acted as king in school drama “Manu Needhi Cholan”
Those were really the happiest days in the Family


Vellore  is 2 miles away from  home and the place is known for the Christian Medical College and Hospital.
I had to sit for an entrance test to get admission in the Voorhees High School. One has to be very good or you need strong backup to get admission. I got it so easily doing very well in the entrance exam.
Everyday students have to walk two mile up and down. Though it was a good exercise, we had little time for other extra curricular activities. Next seven years walked away in the school & college

(1951 to 59)

Voorhees High School used to be the Best school those days in the whole of North Arcot District. we used to proudly say that Dr.RadhaKrishnan a student of the college rose to become the president of the country ! In Voorhees College I did my pre university education during ‘58-’59
I used to be very good in studies and always within three ranks in the class.Mathematics,Tamil & English used to be my favorite subjects. Got first prize in proficiency in Tamil besides getting prizes in essay competitions  in Tamil & English.


Many in the family said that we cant afford Engineering Education involving  stay in the hostel for five years. Government of India Scholarship came as a boon from the Gods.
Though the admission itself was tough i got through due to distinction in Mathematics, Logic and Physical Sciences
Stay at Hostel away from home & parents was tough and used to run back to thorapadi to see mom & dad almost every week end. Eventually got used to living alone to take care of my needs.

College of Engineering Guindy
(1959 to 1964)

This is a famous College, one of the oldest in the country started by British more than hundred years ago. Situated in a very big campus and had excellent facilities. Those days more than thousand students and staff stayed in the campus hostel and used to be a township by itself.
Most of the Senior Engineers in the southern states of India have studied here and considered to be the best place to study Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering courses.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering attracted me more than other subjects and got it for specialization.
I found Engineering Education very tough as one has to start running to labs in the early mornings and till evening you attend various classes. There after you spend all the time preparing lab records & reports.
Found the subjects concerning Machines & Equipments interesting.
Doing a project work on Time & Motion Study was interesting.

Challenge of learning Engineering

We were in the first batch of new system of tough engineering education called ‘Integrated Course” introduced from our first year
Standards were raised high and course content increased to very high levels Teacher training programs were just got introduced at that time
Apprenticeship during holidays & factory visits were very useful.
There were too many students failing in the final exams & getting detained. However I was successful and could pass out with first class.

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