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1994 on wards:

Entrepreneurs require varieties of information when they get involved in the process of identifying and, formulating the project, raise various resources ,Implement it and keep the same growing.
    While in the process of identifying the project he needs to have a check list of projects that may suit his background ,within his capacity to invest, relevant to the location he prefers, and so on. Then within the list of products or projects he has to undertake market research, and by process of elimination select that single project of his dream and prepare a detailed project report. There after he has to raise resources, arrange for land building, plant and machinery, recruit personnel, erect and commission the equipments, develop products, establish marketing channels, sell his products, get customer feed back, keep competing in the market and grow .All the activities require mass of accurate & up-to-date information.

Information Technology  has come as a boon .I had started providing
Trade & Technology Information Services through email news letters. Used to give Presentations in Seminars on specialized topics, Industry wise.

Provide Information Services through Emails and News Letters.

Information Services Include
Trade Leads
Trade News
Importers/Buyers Profiles
Finding Whole Sale's & Distributors
Publicity & Press Releases
Advertisements on the internet
Email Circulars & Mailing
Promoting Joint ventures
And more....

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