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Production Planning & Control
(1966 to 72)

Worked in Aero Engine Division of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Bangalore for six years
My main assignment was to plan for shop loading, monitoring and advice top management on bottlenecks holding production schedules. The factory had machine shops, sheet metal and welding shops,Heatreatment facilities, Electroplating and finishing shops. There were three types of engines being manufactured to power fighter plane, helicopter and transport aircraft. There were about 20,000 components & sub assemblies to be made apart from about 30,000 parts bought out finished from French & English collobraters.The manufacturing lead time was from 6 months for big components like turbine shafts, discs etc and about a month for small parts. The factory was batch producing and involved very stringent control of inspection & quality control. The bought out parts have to come from oversea and procurement lead time used to be as high as 6 months.

There was no system of production scheduling before i took up the assignment, only chasing up assembly shortage lists were in vogue. I stream lined and introduced the scheduling of shop loading based on estimated manufacturing lead times. Batch production of full set of parts for each engine ensured to adhere production targets fixed by management.

My work resulted in 300 % improvement in production & stream lined the manufacturing shop loading process. Machine Utilization improved by 100 %  Labor Utilization too got improved
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