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Small Industry Development

Government of India , Union Public Services selected me as Deputy Director in 1972 and as Director in 1981 to work for Development of Small Industries in India.
Worked in Kerala,Andra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in actively directing the promotion of Small Industries. Worked in close co operation with Industry associations

Entrepreneurship Development

Believed in “Entrepreneurs are not born, but trained”
Designed & Developed Specialized entrepreneur development programs for variety of target groups - technical personnel,graduates,women, technicians and others
Organized many motivation programs for potential entrepreneurs

Ancillary Industry Development

Small Industries supply components & sub assemblies as ancillary industries to Large companies. This kind of development has been useful to small industries in having committed market for their products and services
The development work has been a challenge & involved  hard work of difficult
 co ordination

Management Development Courses

Small Industrialist have to be experts in several fields such as Quality,technology,finance,marketing,tax laws etc unlike corporate sector where functional specialists looked after each function. Designed & Developed several management courses and organized them to benefit small industry entrepreneurs.
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