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        Resume at a Glance

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     Date Of Birth
     1st July 1941

     First Class Degree In  MECH. ENGG.

     Apprenticeship 2 Years(1964-66) in  HAL Bangalore, India- Aircraft Industry
     Computer Basics(NIIT); Internet Browsing
     VISUAL BASIC(1997)
     Oracle & Developer 2000.

 1.Small Industry Associations
    Small & Medium Enterprises Development,
    Setting up consultancy organization and  information   center  Information retrieval from online databases; Marketing information &Consultancy services.

 2. Setting up R&D Center for development of hand tool industry(1981-84) ;
     UNDP Project - Three years.

 3.Settingup Industrial estates in Tanzania(1979-81)two years

 4.Industrial development work in Andrapradesh,
    Kerala , Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu: 14 years

 5.Production Management HAL Bangalore-5 years.

        Traveled to Singapore,Srilanka,Sweden,Yugoslavia, Tanzania ,Nepal and USA in connection with industrial  development activities.
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